Docker 3rd Bday + Training

Docker Training
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Thanks for the event! I really enjoyed the Docker crash course, it was certainly an eye-opener for me :)

HUGE thanks. Get me started with docker:P

Attendees feedback, how cool is that ?! it was held on 21 of March 2016

I thought it was a good meetup, the room wasn’t really that packed but it was a good crowd. Although, was a bit lost and had to find my way through the conference room but location-wise ? really good.

I wasn’t expecting to be doing a lot of hands on and didn’t bring my laptop, just wanted to sit down , watch & listen — ha! — wrong. I was about to shoot off early but managed to sit down with someone and did a bit of agile-ish Docker training — kind of pair programming if you like, hurray!

The organisers were friendly and helpful

Docker Organizers at work

Docker Organizers at work

Lessons Learned

If they will say bring a computer, then bring a computer!


Kudos to the organisers \cc @dockerakl

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