Internet Archive's WaybackMachine 2003

Weekend Saturday morning, my JavaScript Weekly subscription #329 had a catchy email subject title Opinionated Comparison of React, Angular2, and Aurelia, read full article here

I have been doing some form of frontend development since the early 90s.

from the blog’s first sentence I quickly recalled the first website I designed 14yrs ago, worked started in late 2002 but it was launched in 2003. I remember dabbling with Macromedia’s Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

Here’s the link to that Wayback Machine: Fortunately, the author’s meta name still sticks my name on it, hurray!…

If I may recall correctly, I tested this on the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox 0.x - preview release, Netscape Navigator – to all Chrome bashers/fanatics!, that epic browser wasn’t born at that time.

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