Microservices with Docker, Alpine Linux, Nodejs, Nginx on Win10 Host

Apology for the last word “Win10”, it’s bit misleading but my main development machine is Dell XPS 13 on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview. There’s should be a follow up to this blog hopefully on my headless Ubuntu Server.

BTW, it’s a PITA to get this thing working on my Win10 machine - too many wrangling with Windows GUI DNS settings, Docker vEthernet adapter then a mixed of CLI scripts, some won’t work on plain CLI commands later then I discovered that wrapping it inside docker-compose.yml does the trick. C-R-A-Z-Y-!


I had this vision from last year (2016) while I was working on couple projects: NodeJS APIs, setting up infras (CI), deployments, standing up AWS services - to do some automated orchestration of infrastructures and its services, stick inside a container. It just got materialised recently, and with some help from [1] [2].

Dangx Project

Dangx Project is an attempt to build a microservice architecture with Docker, Alpine Linux, NodeJS, Nginx. Each service should run on its own isolated container.

see https://github.com/rixrix/dangx-project/tree/v1.0.0


How it works



This is a short write up about its purpose, functionality and configuration, feel free to ask or file an issue over at Github. The references below should give you the nitty-gritty.

Future Plan

I’m excited about the current state of this project, and I’d like to move forward and do some cool stuff. Here’s the grand plan:


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