No Fuss, NodeJS LTS installation on Raspbian Lite Jessie

Copy & Paste, trust me!

$> sudo apt-get update
$> sudo apt-get upgrade
$> sudo apt-get -y install git
$> curl -o- | bash
$> source ~/.bashrc
$> nvm install --lts

as of this writing my NodeJS LTS version: v6.10.0

What’s The Fuss?

Node Version Manager (nvm) gets installed, we’ll then use it to install whatever is the current NodeJS LTS - primarily behind the scenes, it will spear you from crap of load of these commands:

tax -xvf **armv1**.xz, cd, sudo cp -R /blah/blah/path, rm /some/dir,...

Got Proof ?

Got Issues, or better tips ?

yell out, I’d highly appreciate and always happy hear! Thanks

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