OWASP New Zealand Day 2016

This is kind of an old story now, 1+ month ago as of this writing.

The conference had a good list of speakers and most of them are working for a NZ-based security companies. There were shown pre-recorded demos and live ones as well.

One of the highlights would be the lessons learned from this conference:

Things that didn’t go well for me, pretty minor

Room capacity issue — There was 1 talk where a bunch of people waiting outside but were not allowed to get inside due to capacity issue. I thought, well, we’re techy people and we don’t mind standing and sitting on the floor. Most of the people outside — including me — just wanted the technical knowledge, the tips. A bit disappointing but nonetheless it was good.

A huge thanks to the OWASP NZ organizers, sponsors and the speakers. It was worth it, good location, good crowd!

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