OWASP New Zealand Day 2017

Alright! this was my 2nd year in a row for this web security conference here in Auckland, New Zealand. This is the type conference that would never fails to impress myself: the work and research they’ve (personal or business related) is great.

They had a good list of local and international speakers, which I think - particularly for inviting international speakers - is good the fact that the audience (like me) will get a different insights outside of the local security threats/tools or knowledge in general.


The attendees were asked about how many are devs, pms, QA. Here’s a quick recap:

The Absence of Higher Ops

The lack of presence of CEOs, PMs, VPs makes the security process just a the second thought - in company practice. PERIOD.

You can see the sad faces of SecOps people when confronted with reality.

Here are few shots from the conference, not the great but enjoy

Steal and Reuse Nonces

At the Uni Hall

Ma Badge

Script Tag

Current State of CSP cont.

Schedule of Talks

Current State of CSP

Full Schedule with Speakers and links to their slides

Final Thoughts

I would definitely attend the next conference. It’s a free conference but I don’t mind making a donation should there be an option at the pre-registration, usually announced 2-3 months before the actual conference. In fact I’d encourage them to ask for donations from individuals, optional of course.


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