That! SSH permission denied on eCryptfs-enabled file system

On the day my DeskMini Headless server was born - it was christened with ecryptfs and I did that on purpose - paranoid!

Gearing up for a password-less configuration was supposedly and easy task later then I realised that my first SSH session won’t work. This is for obvious reason: the home folder ~/ isn’t readable - yet - not until you manually mount the folder. By default SSH will look for authorized_keys file at the user’s home folder henced SSH can’t read it - you’ll get Permission denied (publickey).

One way to fix it, as suggested by others is to configure ssh and set the AuthorizedKeysFile to a different readable path


AuthorizedKeysFile /etc/ssh/keys/authorized_keys

If you allow multiple SSH users on your machine, at some stage they’ll get denied - unmounted user’s home folder etc. Use the same fix above but use %u user TOKEN. This will let the SSH server to open up authorized_keys file based on the current user’s username trying to connect via SSH.


AuthorizedKeysFile /etc/ssh/keys/%u/authorized_keys


$> ssh mrtrump@

SSH server will look for authorized_keys file at /etc/ssh/keys/mrtrump/authorized_keys



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